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The Rocks Market

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We are a proudly Australian with over 25 years of experience.

Based in Sydney at The Rocks Markets, we specialize in Australian Gemstones including a stunning range of Opals.


Opal Jewellery

Unique, hand-picked Opals, expertly set in Sterling Silver + 18ct Gold by Sydney Artisans.

Opal Jewellery

Opal Jewellery Collection

One-off + one-of-a-kind creations to last a lifetime.

Opal Jewellery

Out of this world


Australia's national gemstone - millions of years in the making.

Opal Collection
Opal Stone - 19 Opal on leather - 15 Opal Specimen / Pair - 13 Opal Stone - 21 Opal specimen - 9

The Opal Collection

Opals were first discovered by the ancient Romans and now the most exclusive + exquisite are found right here in Australia.



Gemstone Jewellery

A unique + unusual selection of gems + designer pieces for the discerning eye.

Gemstone Jewellery Collection
Chrysoprase Bracelet - 1 Rhyolite Pendant - 103 Prehnite pendant - 105 Prehnite Pendant - 104 Rhodonite pendant - 102

Gemstone Jewellery Collection

A gallery of gemstone jewellery from around the world.

Gemstone Jewellery


Australian Minerals + Gemstones

Diverse + delightful discoveries from all regions of this great southern land.

Aussie Minerals + Gemstones
Thunderegg - 6 Agate Australia - 5 Agate Australia - 3 Agate Australia - 6 Agate Australia - 4

Australian Minerals + Gemstones

From the underground town of Coober Pedy to the vast lands of Western Australia...thru to historical Lightning Ridge and down to the wilds Tasmania.

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Crystals + Minerals of the World

Globally sourced using our long standing relationships built over 25+ years of trading + travelling.

World Crystals + Minerals
Agate Brazil - 7 Lemon Quartz - 1 Ocean Jasper Sphere - 1 Quartz Clear Sphere Agate Brazil - 1

Crystals + Minerals of the World

Agate, Amethyst, Citrine, Ocean Jasper, Clear Quartz, Shattuckite + more...

Crystals + Minerals of the World


Art + Rarities

Ancient artistry techniques combine with Mother Earth's natural beauty.

Art + Rarities
Zebra Rock "Indian Head" - 7 Opal Specimen / Pair - 14 Zebra Rock "Fish" - 6 Zebra Rock "Mother and Child" - 21 Zebra Rock Sculpture - 5

Art + Rarities Gallery

Curious and collectable pieces that are truly amazing and expertly handcrafted.

Art + Rarities

Opal Cutting Services

Quality Opals + Gems

Australian Opals direct from the mines - from Lightning Ridge, Queensland + Coober Pedy.

Experience + Knowledge

Decades of hands-on experience working with miners, cutting Opals + supplying the Gem trade.

Trusted + Guaranteed

We are confident in guaranteeing all work + items due to our years of trading direct to public.

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