What are Mineral spheres?

What are Mineral spheres are crafted from natural crystals, which inherently results in variations in size, weight, and color. Due to these natural differences, each crystal may not be exactly the same as the next. It's important to note that the product might appear larger in photographs than its actual size, so it's advisable to review the dimensions before making a purchase. If these distinctions are not acceptable, it may be best to refrain from purchasing the item. Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

Mineral spheres are spherical objects created from a variety of minerals and gemstones. These unique pieces are meticulously polished to highlight their innate beauty and distinctive characteristics. While some individuals utilize them purely for decorative purposes, others believe in their metaphysical properties, despite the absence of empirical evidence supporting such claims.

Enthusiasts of mineral spheres often seek out specific features such as diverse color variations, intricate patterns, or captivating natural formations within the stone when considering a purchase. This attention to detail underscores the allure and appreciation for these remarkable geological creations.


Due to the 100% natural crystal composition, variations may occur:

  • Variances in size and weight are normal.
  • The product's color may differ slightly, which is also normal.
  • Product images may appear larger than the actual item, so please refer to the product size. If these differences are concerning, we kindly ask that you refrain from placing an order. Thank you for your understanding!