Opal Earrings - 1502 | Gold Black Opal
Opal Earrings - 1502 | Gold Black Opal

Australian Opal Black Gold Earrings

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These stunning 8K yellow Gold stud earrings are adorned with exquisite Black Opal crystals, sourced all the way from the renowned Lighting Ridge in New South Wales. Each earring features a mesmerizing 5x4mm stone, showcasing the remarkable beauty of the Black Opal. Renowned for its rarity and uniqueness, the Black Opal stands out with its striking black or dark body color, which serves as a perfect backdrop for the bursts of vibrant colors that emanate from within or rest upon its dark body tone. It is no wonder that this highly coveted gem is sought after by gem enthusiasts and collectors alike, as it truly embodies the essence of rare and unparalleled beauty.


8K yellow Gold

stud earrings

Black Opal crystals from Lighting Ridge, NSW,

boasting a 5x4mm stone.